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Grabit Setup
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If you do not already have Grabit installed or are unsure if you are running the latest version available, you can find a link to their download page here.

(If you already have Grabit installed, follow the Existing Installation guide below.)


Quick Start

After installation, the application will appear with a configuration wizard for Grabit. Select Next after entering each option:


Usenet hostname:

Username: Your Astraweb username

Password: Your Astraweb password


The newsreader is now configured and ready for use. You can follow the guide below if you'd like to make further changes.


Existing Installation

If you already have an installation of Grabit and have other servers configured, right-click on My Grabit and select Add Server. Otherwise, you can edit an existing Astraweb configuration by right-clicking the server and selecting Server Properties.


Profile name: (you cannot edit this field without deleting the server in full.)

Hostname: (a full list can be found in the Member's Area)

Port: 119 without SSL / 563 with SSL

Account name: Your Astraweb username

Password: Your Astraweb password

Encryped server connection (SSL): Unchecked if your port is 119, Checked if your port is 563

Server timeout after: 2 minutes
Retries on error: 3 times

Maximum allowed connections: 45 (We recommend testing with various connection amounts to maximize speed)

Change active group before downloading article: Checked


Here is an example of a completed setup page:


Clicking Ok will save the changes.

Should you have further questions or run into issues, you can reach out to support here.


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