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Newsbin Pro Setup
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If you do not already have Newsbin Pro installed or are unsure if you are running the latest version available, you can find a link to their download page here.


You'll enter in server information as you install the program. (If you already have an installation, skip to the Existing Installation below.)



You will enter basic server settings as you install the program. As the options become available, please enter the following information:

News Server Name: Astraweb

Server Address:

Use SSL: Checked

Login Override: Unchecked


Username: Your Astraweb username

Password: Your Astraweb password


Specify the number of days...: 30

Choose the number of connections...: 45


The newsreader is now configured and ready for use. You can follow the guide below if you'd like to make further changes.


Existing Installation

If you already have an installation of Newsbin Pro and have other servers configured, click on Options in the menu, and select Servers.
You can add a configuration for Astraweb with the New Server button on the bottom left.

If adding a server, enter the following:

Server Address: (a full list can be found in the Member's Area)

Connections: 45 (We recommend testing with various connection amounts to maximize speed)

Priority: 1 (if you have other servers, you'll need to configure the preferred order)

Requires Login: Checked

Username: Your Astraweb username

Password: Your Astraweb password

Use SSL: Checked (unchecked if not preferred)


No further settings should be changed.


Here is an example of a completed setup page:


Select OK when finished configuring.


Should you have further questions or run into issues, you can reach out to support here.

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